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Upcoming Opportunities

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Here is a smattering of what we have planned and our thoughts on what we hope to do throughout the year:

We are currently at the start of another set of pool sessions on Tuesday nights at the Golspie pool, the sessions are fully booked due to the great demand but there is no harm in enquiring whether there is a spare slot available if you are interested in a free taster session?

(if you haven't had one before) or Why not join the club at only £15 per year and then benefit from a per session rate at the pool for only £7?

Contact the secretary on for any further information on this.

Some of us are attending a Foundation & Rescue Training course in the middle of March & also a Paddlesports instructors course at the end of March.

The Committee has Quarterly Committee meetings, currently scheduled for: Tuesday 12 Feb, Tuesday 14 May, Tuesday 13 Aug, Tue Nov 12.

We are also planning to attend a VHF course sometime this year.

A First Aid course is to be arranged.

Tue 2 April we should be able to have our normal evening paddles as the light should be good.

Some members will be going to the SCA's Glenmore Lodge Volunteer weekend on April 27 - 28.

May we hope to have an Open Kayak or Sea trip.

There are discussions regrading a Canoe/Camp & Hill walk weekend….

We have the annual Duck race's & the Helmsdale games that we help out at.

Early Aug Sea kayak islands/camp ….. 3 days ….

Late October we hope to investigate a few more rivers which may be over a weekend.

We may do an Overnight in Aviemore for 1 or 2 nights to play on the R. Avon & R. Findhorn.

In October the Pool sessions begin.

In November the Committee will meet prior to the AGM

The clubs AGM is around Tue Nov 19 & this year we may include a social aspect & presentation event.

If you want to be part of this dynamic & fun group, you are welcome to join the club & involve yourself in the many discussions on our private club forum at

LOTS more events & Opportunities are planned throughout the year, watch this space!

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